Are you finding your condo a little small?


Do you think your condo is small?  Perhaps you could use a bit more space but surely it is larger than 230 sq ft.  Well, yes you are saying but what does that have to do with anything? Would you believe a fellow Torontonian recently invested in a 230 sq ft house (converted garage actually but we digress) in the east end area of Greenwood and Coxwell.  It has no running water but it sold for $165,000 about 28% lower than the original asking price of $229,000.  Also it should be noted that it took only approx 3 weeks to sell.  Cooling housing market our fannie we say!  So stretch your legs out and stroll leisurely around your condo we’re sure it’s looking pretty big right about now.


230 sq ft home

picture from Yahoo Finance Canada/Google Street View