A 3-Step Guide to Buying a Condo in Markham Ontario

Markham Condos

While still part of the Toronto Greater Area, Markham is the smaller, quieter and friendlier alternative to Toronto City. Real estate properties, including condos in Markham, are cheaper than those in Downtown Toronto. Rich in culture and heritage, the quaint city is a lively mix of business, technology, picturesque streets and tranquil outdoors. A serene and friendly place where the old meets the new, Markham offers the comforts and amenities of big cities and the serenity of suburban living.

  1. Know your location – Markham is known for its diverse neighbourhoods and communities. From the historic sites and picturesque buildings of Old Markham and German Mills, the downtown quaint vibes of Unionville and the easy GO access of Wismer, the urban rush of Milliken and the outdoor spaces of Berczy Village, there is one place perfect for you and your family. Before you commit to buying a condo in Markham, make sure that you get to know the neighbourhood first. Transport services, access and commuting are factors to consider when choosing a condo in Markham. A lot of buildings are near transport hubs and stations, some are just a few minutes’ walk to major business centres, while others are next-door neighbours to the city’s shopping and recreational hubs.


  1. Know all costs involved – One of the primary reasons people look at Markham to buy condos is its advantageous location, just half an hour away from the downtown Toronto area, and its more affordable prices. Comparison prices of condos in Markham and Toronto show Markham condos are cheaper by an average of 37% than Toronto condos. When purchasing a condo it is wise to get a rundown of all the condo maintenance fees and taxes that you’ll be paying.


  1. Find the right agent – Getting the right agent is key to finding the best condos in Markham, assessing finding solutions to your needs and guiding you to closing the best deal. Not all real estate agents in the Toronto area are the same. They don’t have the same level of expertise and knowledge. Some agents specialise in condos, others in commercial properties, and many on suburban houses and townhouses. If you’re buying a condo in Markham, get a condo specialist (cough cough a condominiums.ca realtor) who knows the area well. Condo realtors are trained not only on finding you the right condo for your needs, but they are also adept at condo documentation processes specific to the location and assessing property prices.

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