9 Ideal Colour Combinations for your Condo



Condominium units in a building often have layouts that are identical in size and form making them indistinguishable from each other. But you can always add your own character and personality by making sure the interior design is YOU. Primary to designing your condo is the colour scheme of the interiors. It dominates the design, deliver the preferred ambiance, and speaks of your personality. Here are nine color combinations that will let your home stand out and bring that homey atmosphere for you and your family.


  1. White and Shades of Brown

Though your condo may be limited in space, there are a lot of tricks to make it look bigger than it really is. One way is to opt for the bright and light white and light shades of brown – tan, cream and beige. The combination gives an airy vibe that is also relaxing and cheery.


       2. Contrasting White and Black

Going for drama and style? Try the chic combination of black and white. Use white as the dominant tone and benefit from its expanding effect. Add black to define rooms and space. You can also use chic black and white accents to complete the look.


       3. Pastel Interiors

Pastel colours are light, fun, and uplifting. A combination of baby pinks, lavenders and sky blues is perfect for someone with a positive, fun, and cheery personality. Using a neutral base like white, gray or beige will keep your interiors from being overly sweet and overwhelmingly bright.


       4. Rustic Wood Tones

Natural wood tones are rustic, warm, and beautiful. Whether you are going for the Scandinavian minimalist look, the charming cottage air, or the warm country interiors, the right wood tone and finish will deliver the look.


       5. Modern Grays

Achieve sophistication and cool interiors with a play on several shades of gray. Ashy gray ceilings, pewter gray cabinets and gleaming white and gray marble kitchen island give kitchens a luxurious and modern look. Silver fittings and chrome accents add shine to a moody ambiance.


      6. Shades of Blue

Bring in the cool, airy, and refreshing feel of the ocean. Play with several shades of blue starting with the bright tone of turquoise for your walls, deep navy blue for accents and light baby blues for the ceiling. Avoid the gloomy look by adding a lot of white spaces.


      7. Bold Red and Blue

Strong as they are, the combination of deep red and bright blue delivers an eye-catching, spectacular and gorgeous look. This colour scheme is not for the faint-hearted and timid, the unrestrained display of stunning colors should be balanced with delicate patterns and details.


      8. Stunning Orange

Bright, warm, and beautiful. The orange colour scheme is the tamed red, just as bright but easier on the eyes. Burnt orange, light corals and tangerine are great for walls or ceilings, while rust, amber, and spice orange are perfect accent colours and borders. Tone down the glare by adding touches of cool grays or ashy blues.


      9. Cool Concrete

Bare, cold and unadorned concrete interiors are on trend. Smooth concrete walls, bare floors and unadorned ceilings. The modern industrial look is edgy, unpretentious and strong. Balance the look by adding comfortable and soft furniture pieces and accents – commodious sofa, delicate curtains and delicate décor