88 Scott condos a place to call home.


Monday May I edition


Monday may I have a unit at 88 Scott condos to call home?  Why do I want to own here, you ask?  Well it’s the most basic real estate principle I’m following and that is location, location, location. 


Ok it’s a given the building, amenities and units themselves will be pretty sweet but most new condos are.  I want to own here because I just might want a easy walk to sample beers from around the world at the Beir Market or I might want to go get some spaghetti from the famous Spaghetti Factory or perhaps I’m feeling corporate one day and I want to go mingle with the Bay street peeps at the stylish Ki restaurant or Bymark.  Also if I live here maybe I can actually start eating and cooking fresh foods instead of just talking about it with the easy shopping convenience at the famed St Lawrence Market.  Maybe sometimes I want to get the heck out of dodge (in this case downtown Toronto) and jump in my car and in one minute I’m on the highway.  Or I walk down to Union Station or King Subway line and I’m hightailing it on the subway.  I can even get on my bike and in a couple of minutes be looking at the beautiful lake.   This location has it all!


If you, like I, want to live at 88 Scott condos than now’s the time to buy as this project is still in preview stage.  Register Here if you would like more details.