4 Factors that Sell Condos in Toronto Fast

Selling Toronto Condos

Condos in Toronto are prime properties – much sought after for its real and investment value. Despite the high demand for great condos in Toronto, selling one can still be a challenge. The seller’s goal is to sell fast and at a premium. Oftentimes, one goal is sacrificed for the other.

Here are four factors that will ensure a quick sale and at your preferred price;

  1. Prepare to Sell – Do not sell your condo unit as/is. Not only are you diminishing its value, but people will also stay away from homes that still need a lot of work. Start preparing your condo to sell by giving it a thorough clean-up. Remove all clutter and any personal effects. Assess all aspects – walls, floors, windows, appliances, plumbing and wiring for any needed repairs. Your condo must be in top shape if it is to fetch a good price and sell fast.


  1. Staging and Photography Sell Condos – Marketing plays a big role in selling, which is also true in real estate. You have to let people know you’re selling and present the condo in the best light possible. Professional real estate photographers are skilled to take beautiful photos of your home, which will attract buyers and encourage them to visit. Staging will present the home from the buyer’s perspective – clean, aptly decorated, ready for move-in.


  1. Forget the Generalist, Hire the Expert – When selling your condo in Toronto, hire a condo expert in Toronto. A general realtor in the city can also handle the task of selling your home, but not as well and not as fast as a condo dedicated professional. Condo realtors are focused on condos alone are likely to know more about the niche market and neighbourhoods than general realtors. Thus, able to provide you with the best services when selling your home.


  1. Get the Price Right – We all want to sell at a premium and pocket a large profit from the sale. But, pricing too high will not only scare possible buyers, but it might also forfeit a quick sale. Pricing too low might can cast doubts on the integrity of your property, and also scare buyers away. The key to selling fast at its best price is to get the pricing right.


Selling prices aren’t derived from its acquisition and improvement costs, these are only some of the factors that affect the price. Factor in the market’s current supply and demand, the condo’s location, the views and unit exposure, its amenities, the reputation of the builder, the age of the building, ceiling height and finishes. It is best to consult with a professional condo realtor to help evaluate the price of your Toronto condo to sell.