2013 Decorating Trends


Does your place need some style updating?  Is it so 2012 and you would like it to be more 2013?  Well according to Rona there are 5 decorating trends that are the latest and greatest in 2013. 

The first one is “Flowery fabrics”  that is right ladies and gents, do not be afraid of the flower power.  Now that doesn’t mean you take your condo unit back to the 70’s, what it means is you add some flower fabric touches to your place through cushions, curtains and chairs.

The second trend is “Ethnic Inspirations”.  Now if you can, get on a plane and go to India and Africa and pick up some original pieces such as fabrics and rugs :/ , or you know just go to Gerrard street for the Indian inspiration and Bloorcourt village for the African inspiration pieces.

The third trend is “Coordinated Effects”. An example of this is using a textured patterned curtain such a two tone stripe curtain and then doing a different style with the rug pattern such as circles.  If doing this trend make sure to also introduce plain fabrics so sensory overload does not occur.

The fourth trend is “Wallpaper”.  Just when everyone was finally able to scrape the last remaining remnants of wallpaper from their home it decides to make a comeback.  Don’t be scared as this generation of wallpaper is much easier to apply and remove.

Finally the fifth trend is “Carpets”.  My usually cold feet like this trend.  Not only does it add coziness to your home but it is a great way to add texture to your design as well as a touch of sophistication, depending on the design you pick.