2 and a half years of bumper to bumper


Did you hear that the construction on the Gardiner will last approximately 2 and a half years?   Those who drive to downtown Toronto everyday for work we believe that you basically have 3 options;

1) Become Public Transit’s Best Friend.
2) Sell your house in the suburbs and move downtown.
3) Quit your job and find one close to where you live.
Now if you go with option 1, good on you.  Not only will the stress of traffic be gone, you have also just made your carbon foot print that much smaller.  However, it may not be the most comfortable ride, especially during busy times when the chances of you finding a seat may be slim to none.
If you go with option 2 then that is great too.  Downtown is a fun place to live, your wants and desires are pretty much at your door step.  Unless of course your wants and desires are having an expansive yard and lots of square footage..
Option 3 is pretty good too.  Just imagine telling your boss (if he’s a grump) to take a hike, you are “blowing this pop stand”! However, before burning your bridge at your downtown job you may want to line up that other job close to your home.  After all, the bills won’t be paying themselves!
Whatever you choose make sure you think it through first.  If you’re going with option 2 check out some good condo options here.
If your deciding to wait the 2 and a half years out and continue your drive on the Gardiner to and from work every day then we have 2 words for you:  God Speed.