11 Ways to Give your Condo Bathroom a Makeover


Trends and styles change from time to time. Keeping the same bathroom design will eventually make your bathroom look plain and outdated. Modern designs also favor efficiency and minimalism over unnecessary details and loud accents, so the new look is going to give you a more spacious bath. Update and upgrade your boring and outmoded bathroom with these easy condo bathroom makeover tricks;

  1. Personalized Wallpaper

Show your personality by changing your bathroom walls from plain to a personalize wallpaper that shows your hobbies, interests, and character. Your guests will definitely find this interesting and unique.

  1. Recessed Wall Shelf

One of the common problems of condo owners is finding the space to keep toiletries inside the bathroom. Try a recessed wall shelf to house your bathroom stuff and manage clutter in a creative yet organized way.

  1. Wall Cabinet

Another way to organize your things inside the bathroom without consuming much space is by adding built-in cabinets or mirrored cabinets.

  1. Light Tone Walls

If you are the type who likes everything bright and clean, you can start your makeover by changing from dark colored walls to light tones. This will not just brighten the room but will also create an illusion of a widened space.

  1. Reinvent your Vanity Space

Oomph the style and sophistication by changing your vanity space to a polished wooden countertop, smooth bare concrete or a glossy granite.

  1. Go for the Shower

Another major renovation that you can do is to opt for a shower instead of the usual tub. This will add an impression of more space in the bath. To drive in the modern look, go for the sleek frameless shower doors instead of curtains.

  1. Change to Sliding Doors

Instead of the traditional hinged style, change your bathroom doors to the more stylish and contemporary sliding doors. This will not just refresh your bathroom look but will also save you some space.

  1. Good Lighting

One factor that makes a bathroom look stuffy is the lack of proper lighting. So, aside from changing wall colors, add more lighting to improve the airy ambiance of the interiors. Open windows and opt for light curtains that’ll let natural sunlight in through the day.

  1. Towel Rack

Add a new and contemporary towel rack. Your old ones are probably chipped and grubby. Aside from its purpose, a nice towel rack also serves as a great accent or can be a flash of eye-popping detail.

  1. New Fittings and Fixtures

You can give your bathroom a new look without renovating the entire room, just install new fittings and fixtures.

  1. Less is More

Declutter your bathroom. Only keep what’s necessary and remove everything else. Having fewer things in your bathroom gives off more space to makes the room relaxing for your everyday “me” time.