10 Things to Know Before Moving to Toronto


Relocating to a huge city like Toronto can be overwhelming. The culture is different, finding your way around can be a confusing and housing can be a challenge. However, this friendly city is home to almost 7 million amazing people, great food and lively artistic communities. Toronto is also proud of its efficient public service system including an efficient transport system, world-class schools, advanced medical facilities and safe streets. Make your move to Toronto easier by securing a great condo in Toronto and learning more about the city;

The public transport system – Going around Toronto is easy. Its efficient public transport system includes subways, trams and buses. For your convenience, get a re loadable Presto Card which you can use in any mode of transport going around the city. If you hate public transport, Uber or renting city bikes are your options.

Driving license – When moving to Toronto from another country or Canadian province, you will need to get or convert your current driving license to an Ontario driving license. You have 60 days to convert after you’ve moved in.

Housing can be a challenge – Houses in Toronto are expensive. Your best option is to rent or buy a condo in Toronto. Condos are centrally located, more affordable and come with a host of building amenities for your living convenience.

Experience PATH – The city’s biggest shopping mall is underground. The shopping complex is over 30 square kilometres huge and includes more than 1,200 shops, cafés, boutiques and service centres.

Job market is strong – There are a lot of jobs in Toronto, the tech sector is growing daily along with many other industries.  You’ll come across opportunities but will have to decide what is the best fit for you.

Entertainment, art and culture – There are a lot of things to entertain you in Toronto. There are parks and beaches for outdoor activities, over 80 movie festivals for film enthusiasts, over 200 public monuments and art installations to explore and over 200 plays and shows to go to. Toronto is the best city to get creative and be entertained.

Food is wonderful – From posh restaurants to hole-in-the-wall cafés, you can expect great food experience. The city’s over 7,500 bars, restaurants and food trucks will satisfy your cravings for dishes from around the world.

Tipping is customary – Tip at least 15% of your bill. 18% to 20% for exceptional service.

We are multicultural – Toronto is an international city. Its multicultural society is what makes the city special. Half of the city’s residents are born outside of Canada. No one is an outcast, and we’re known as more of a wonderful salad then a melting pot.

We are LGBTQ-friendly – Toronto is a friendly city, and sexual discrimination is against the law. We celebrate everyone’s identity and encourage everyone to express and show their true personalities. The Toronto Pride is a significant annual event.