10 Space-Saver Musts for Your Condo



Condo space is premium, the square footage you bought is the square footage you get.  There are no options to extend another room or build an additional floor. With the limited floor space, squeezing in all your appliances, furniture and personal belongings can prove to be a challenge. However, there are ways to make your condo, spacious and comfortable without sacrificing style and aesthetics.


       1. Try Convertibles

Invest in convertible or multipurpose pieces that can serve more than one purpose without occupying as much space. A convertible sofa that can be your guest’s bed, a centre table with storage or a dining table that will also serve as your work desk.


       2. Surprise with a Retractable Bed

Retractable beds are handy for surprise visitors. You can also use them as your balcony lounge. They are comfortable and can be stowed away when not in use.


       3. Move and Divide

Never compromise your privacy. Create privacy and nooks by using movable dividers. These are also effective in marking different rooms without closing the space.


      4. Keep it Neat and Organized

One of the keys to making the most of your available space is by being organized. Invest in shelves and drawers to store and organize things. Keep your books in one place, clothes in another and kitchen stuff in the kitchen.


      5. Floating Bed

Another trick you can use is to elevate your bed and use the freed space as a home office, walk-in closet or even your living room.


      6. Reinvent your balcony

Do not let your balcony space go to waste. Aside from occasional relaxing breaks while enjoying the views, you can also set up your home office, extend your living space or a breakfast nook outdoors.


     7. Hanging Saves Space

Instead of keeping things lying on the floor around the house, why not try to hang them? Use vertical space and free up floor space. This especially works for kitchen wares, clothes and even for your TV and entertainment centre.


     8. Minimize your Things

Knowing that you have limited space, streamline the stuff you own at home. Only keep those that are important and necessary. You can put the rest in storage, or just avoid buying too much (don’t impluse buy).


    9. Invest in Customized Storage

Customize your storage to your needs. Some people need more closet space while others go for large pantries. Maximize your space by adding storage that you need.


    10. Go for Condo-Specific Furniture

Condo-specific furniture is the downsized and efficient version of the regular items. They come in smaller sizes and with a lot of efficiency features. Centre tables with pullout stools, foldable tables and chairs and wheeled counters and tables that can function where and how it is needed.