10 Perks of Living in Mississauga


Mississauga is one of the most preferred cities in Canada. From its vibrant culture, safety and endless gourmet offerings, young families, retirees, professionals and career seekers have good reasons to choose to live in the friendly city.

Here are the top ten perks of living in Mississauga;

  1. Year-round milder weather (compared to other major cities in Canada) – Mississauga residents enjoy pleasanter weather all-year-round. The nearby Lake Ontario help distribute a moderate temperature throughout the city. Winters have generally lower snowfall, while summer temperatures average at a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius.
  2. Cheaper housing – Houses and condos in Mississauga are cheaper than the homes in neighbouring Toronto. The city also offers great neighbourhoods with diverse characteristics that will match individual needs – from the upscale Hamptons feel of Lorne Park to the dynamic downtown vibe.
  3. Proximity to Toronto – The Greater Toronto Area is just a short drive away – under 30 minutes, while the Toronto Pearson Airport is an easy 15-minute drive. For those who prefer a more laid back commute, express trains and buses ply the two cities.
  4. The abundance of open areas – Mississauga has over 500 parks, lakefront grounds, scenic trails, lush flora and open areas, providing its residents with ample outdoor spaces for various activities. Whether you’re into water activities, laid back hiking, fun and adventure or relaxing picnics with the family, there is a perfect spot for it in the city.
  5. Efficient public transport system – MiWay operates the city’s transport system, offering the public with express buses that ply in and around the city. Cycling is another great way of getting around the city. As the city is spreading out, a car might be a necessity for those living outside the city proper.
  6. Food! – Mississauga can satisfy all your food cravings. Great dining options are available – from the chic French cafes to bustling Chinese restaurants, the city is a fantastic international gastronomic district.
  7. Family-friendly neighbourhoods – Mississauga is one of the safest cities in Canada. Its family-friendly communities include ample outdoor areas, top-notch schools and medical facilities, affordable housing and a charming small-town vibe.
  8. Cultural diversity – The friendly city is an amalgamation of nations. Its vibrant multicultural identity is a result of its diverse population and encouraged cultural representation.
  9. Lake Ontario – The city lies next to the picturesque Lake Ontario. A good portion of the condos in Mississauga boast a great view of the lake. Its lakefront communities include parks, trails, marina and entertainment hubs.
  10. Canada’s corporate capital – The friendly city is home to 61 of Canada’s Fortune 500 corporations and 50 Global Fortune 500 entities. This provides career opportunities to the residents and great business dynamics in the city.

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