10 Clever Ideas to Add Storage Space to your Condo Kitchen



Space-saving is a way of life for condominium residents. Rooms can easily get crowded with the accumulated stuff. The kitchen especially needs to be organised, with all the kitchen appliances, silverware, glassware, tableware, utensils, pots and pans, grocery items and other food items. And while we cannot extend or build another room, we can always get creative and manage what we have.

  1. Full-length Cabinets – Go for floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets. You can use the top cabinets for rarely used items, while the bottom drawers can store pots, pans and heavy cookware. Modern minimalist cabinets offer a smooth and clean look.
  2. Wall Storage – Use up that vertical space by adding floating shelves, racks or a pegboard panel. This can accommodate smaller and often used items like mugs, pots, pans and even spice and condiment jars. This can also help keep your counter space clear of random items.
  3. Multipurpose Kitchen Island – Get a kitchen island that can double as a table, a countertop, organiser and storage. Wheeled kitchen islands are also recommended for smaller kitchens as you can move it to the side when you need the space in the centre and use it as a side table. They can also be tucked away under the counters when not in use.
  4. Pullout Drawers – Pullout drawers lets you take advantage of narrow spaces between the wall, refrigerator or cabinets. These come in handy for organising smaller items like condiment bottles, spice jars, mugs, canned items and utensils.
  5. Corner Drawers – Do not let the space at the back of your kitchen cabinets go to waste, especially the ample space of the lower counter corner. Install lazy Susans or opt for corner drawers. These will make the hard-to-reach space accessible and usable.
  6. Pot and Pan Hangers – Hang your pots, pans and other kitchen implements from hangers, bars or racks. Use the space over the stove, under the upper cabinets and over the kitchen island. Shiny coppers and chrome add shine to your kitchen.
  7. Pantry Organisers – Pantry organisers lets you load up more stuff into your cabinets and pantry. A set of pantry organiser might include stacked racks, shelving, pullout drawers and hooks. It also makes stacking and accessing items easier and more efficient.
  8. Kitchen Cabinet Doors – Take advantage of the accessible space behind kitchen cabinet drawers. Install narrow racks, hooks or wall pockets that can hold keys, pens, notes, salt shakers, small bottles, packets and other small items.
  9. Appliance Garage – An appliance garage is a countertop level storage, usually comes with a pull-up door, is a space specifically intended to store small kitchen appliances including the toaster, the blender and mixers. The appliance garage will help organise your kitchen and keep your countertops clean.
  10. Under the Sink Storage – This is an often-neglected space because of its proximity to the pipes. However, if it can be kept clean and dry, it is ideal for storing non-food kitchen items like detergent, washing liquids, trash bags, air fresheners and even to hide the trash bins.