10 Amazing Condo Decorating Ideas



Space is always a challenge for decorating condos. Saving up space is a constant endeavour for condo dwellers. How do you keep your home neat, organised and looking great while dealing with limited space?

Here are ten guidelines to follow when decorating your condo;

  1. Lighter Tones – Lighter colour tones visually expands the room, making it appear bigger than it is, while darker hues make rooms appear compact. Stick to lighter tones like light creams, pastels, greys and neutral colours.
  2. Glass Pieces – Mirrors are popular room extenders. Aside from strategically placed mirrors, glass also extends the line of vision. It also allows natural light through. Use glass chairs, tables, cabinet doors and interior walls whenever you can.
  3. A Colour Theme – A unified colour theme brings the room together. Create a consistent colour theme from room to room. Use different shades of the same colour scheme and its complementary colours to avoid a boring uniform look.
  4. Pieces with Stories – Personal items make your condo unit a home. Add interesting personal touches that come with stories. Keep your personal items to no more than three pieces in a room so as not to overcrowd it.
  5. Display-worthy Items – One trick that will keep your kitchen looking fabulous at all times is by only getting and displaying elegant kitchen implements. Sleek knife holder, quirky mug tree and elegant food keepers will look good on the counters and will help organise the kitchen.
  6. Warm Touches – Warm touches to your space will turn it from a generic modern condo into a charming and cosy one. A teak secretary desk, a gold-trimmed chandelier or a deep orange sofa added to the room will give it a timeless look and charming touch.
  7. Bring in Plants – Live plants bring in pops of bright colours and help freshen indoor air. Blooms also inject sweet and refreshing scent to your home. Add vibrant greens, bright flowers and amazingly patterned succulents. Potted herbs and edibles are easy to care and will lessen your grocery bill.
  8. Smaller is Better – The condo lifestyle follows the truism that smaller is better. Why get a queen-sized bed when a double will be just as comfortable? Don’t get a six-sitter dining table if there’s only two of you. Let go of bulky pieces that will only clog precious condo space.
  9. Maximize Natural Lighting – Condominiums buildings capitalise on its optimal lighting; thus, glass walls, wide windows and balconies are omnipresent. Do not obstruct natural lighting passage like windows, glass walls and doors with heavy curtains, blinds or furniture.
  10. Dress up Windows – Windows are key features of a condo home. It is the channel of natural and residents are naturally drawn to it. A window is also a decorator’s canvas. Highlight your windows with the right curtain, add a window sill to hold potted plants and other knickknacks or install seating near it.